Marionette puppets can be created with either 2 or 4 legs.  New designs include jellyfish, sea lions, sloths, cats and dogs.  Each one is very unique as they are all handcrafted from 90% upcycled materials.  As I am creating each one, they "tell" me what color nose or size of eyes belong to them.  Sometimes they even ask for eyebrows, hair or a hat!  You can call me the "Puppet Whisperer"!

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Two Leg Puppet

Three Litter Mate Kittens

Two legged Puppet

Two Legged Fuzzy Marionette Puppet

Steam Punk Puppet


Fox Marionette Puppet

Four Legged Dog Marionette Puppet

Sea Lion

Marionette Puppet with Hat

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Two legged Puppet